<filedesc> File Description

<filedesc> is a required element within <eadheader>. It is a wrapper element which contains information about author, title, subtitle, sponsor, edition, publisher, publishing series, and any related notes. The information contained within <filedesc> may be useful for building any separate bibliographic records at a later date.


  • ALTRENDER – not required. Use if the content of the element should be displayed or printed differently than the rendering established in a style sheet for other occurrences of the element.
  • AUDIENCE – not required. Use to set whether the element’s contents will be visible to external users or to internal ones. Possible values are: “internal” and “external.”
  • ID – not required. Creates an ID for element. Can be used for linking.
  • ENCODINGANALOG – not required. May contain information to map this tag to a particular element in another schema.


<filedesc> has one required subelement and four optional subelements. Its required subelement is <titlestmt>, another wrapper tag which must contain the finding aid’s title within one of its own subelements and may contain other information about the file.

If this a revised edition of a finding it, the number or revision description may be made in <editionstmt>. <publicationstmt> is used to encode any information about the publisher of the finding aid, along with date, address, and other useful information. <seriesstmt> is a wrapper element, which groups information about the published monographic series, if any, to which an encoded finding aid belongs. <notestmt> is simply used to encode any additional information about the finding aid.

These elements MUST occur in the following order (optional ones may be left out but still must be in order): <titlestmt>, <editionstmt>, <publicationstmt>, <seriesstmt>, <notestmt>.

Our EAD file so far

Because this is has already been entered into the file, nothing new to add here.

		<eadid countrycode="us" mainagencycode="dgwl" url="http://www.eadiva.com/sample/">rkt-01</eadid>
	<frontmatter><!--we're going to display it here just to show how it's used-->

EAD tag library entry for <filedesc>.