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<lb/> Line Break

<lb /> is an empty formatting element used to force subsequent text to start on a new line as chosen by the author rather than an algorithm or stylesheet. It should only be used within elements. Line breaks between elements should be handled by the stylesheet.

<lb /> may occur within: <abstract>, <addressline>, <archref>, <author>, <bibref>, <bibseries>, <container>, <corpname>, <creation>, <date>, <descrules>, <dimensions>, <edition>, <emph>, <entry>, <event>, <extent>, <extref>, <extrefloc>, <famname>, <function>, <genreform>, <geogname>, <head>, <head01>, <head02>, <imprint>, <item>, <label>, <langmaterial>, <language>, <langusage>, <legalstatus>, <materialspec>, <name>, <num>, <occupation>, <origination>, <p>, <persname>, <physdesc>, <physfacet>, <physloc>, <publisher>, <ref>, <refloc>, <repository>, <resource>, <runner>, <sponsor>, <subarea>, <subject>, <subtitle>, <title>, <titleproper>, <unitdate>, <unitid>, and <unittitle>.


<lb /> has no attributes.


<lb /> has no subelements.


An example from the LoC website, in which it’s used to break things up so that the logo appears on a new line:

	San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum
	<lb />
	<extptr actuate="onload" show="embed" entityref="sjmlogo">
	<lb />
	Lodi, California

EAD tag library entry for <lb />.