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<name> Name

<name> encodes the proper noun or noun phrase designation for an entity that is difficult to tag more specifically as <corpname>, <famname>, <geogname>, <persname>, or <title>. It should be used when a high degree of precision is not necessary but the name should still be tagged for access. It may be used within <bibref>, <controlaccess>, <entry>, <event>, <extref>, <extrefloc>, <indexentry>, <item>, <label>, <namegrp>, <origination>, <p>, <physdesc>, <physfacet>, <ref>, <refloc>, <repository>, and <unittitle>. Names with major representation in the materials should be listed within <controlaccess> even if they are indicated elsewhere.


  • ALTRENDER – not required. Use if the content of the element should be displayed or printed differently than the rendering established in a style sheet for other occurrences of the element.
  • AUDIENCE – not required. Use to set whether the element’s contents will be visible to external users or to internal ones. Possible values are: “internal” and “external.”
  • ID – not required. Creates an ID for element. Can be used for linking.
  • AUTHFILENUMBER – not required. A number that identifies the authority file record for an access term drawn from that authority file (the source for this number/the access term should be in SOURCE).
  • ENCODINGANALOG – not required. May contain information to map this tag to MARC fields. It is comparable to MARC field 720 when it is not from a controlled vocabulary.
  • NORMAL – not required. Can be used to provide the authority form if the name is being used informally within narrative text, etc.
  • ROLE – not required. May be used to designate the role which the name played in the collection, e.g. “compiler,” “creator,” “subject,” etc.
  • RULES – not required. May be used to specify the descriptive rules followed when forming the name.
  • SOURCE – not required. The source of the controlled vocabulary, e.g. “lcsh” for Library of Congress Subject Headings.


<name> may contain PCDATA, <emph>, <extptr>, <lb />, and <ptr>.


	<p>From <date normal="1938/1949">1938 to 1949</date> the <famname normal="Bell family">family</famname> lived in the <name>Holland</name> House <geogname normal="Hillsboro, OH">Hillsboro, Ohio</geogname>. ...</p>

EAD tag library entry for <name>.