<colspec> Table Column Specification

<colspec> is an empty formatting element used to designate the position and size of each column in a <table>, used within the <tgroup> wrapper. It may designate specify a unique name for the column, its unique number within the table, its width, rules, and the horizontal alignment of its text.


  • @align – not required. Designates the horizontal position of text within a column. Values may be: left, right, center, char, justify (flush left and right).
  • @char – not required. Used for horizontal alignment of a single character, such as decimal alignment. This attribute names the character on which the text will be aligned, for example a decimal point, an asterisk, or an em-dash.
  • @charoff – not required. Used with horizontal character alignment, such as decimal alignment. When the @align attribute value is “char,” this is the percentage of the current column width to the left edge of the alignment character. Value is a number or starts with a number.
  • @colname – not required. Letters and/or numbers (no spaces) used to give the column a unique name.
  • @colnum – not required. The number of the column, as counting from the left.
  • @colsep – not required. Use “true” to display a vertical rule to the right of the column, “false” for no vertical rule.
  • @colwidth – not required. A fixed width for the column. Units may be “pt,” “cm,” “in,” and an * for proportional measures, such as “5*”.
  • @rowsep – not required. Use “true” to display a horizontal rule below the row and “false” for no horizontal rule.

Child Elements

<colspec> is an empty element and only contains data through its attributes.


This example is modified from the original example file:

<table frame="all" colsep="true" rowsep="true">
  <tgroup align="center" cols="3">
    <colspec colname="materialtype" colnum="1"/>
    <colspec colname="usetype" colnum="2"/>
    <colspec colname="permissionrequired" colnum="3"/>
    <thead valign="middle">
        <entry colname="materialtype">Material Type</entry>
        <entry colname="usetype">Use Type</entry>
        <entry colname="permissionrequired">Permission Required</entry>
    <tbody valign="middle">
        <entry colname="materialtype">Event recordings, 1980-2008</entry>
        <entry colname="usetype">File copying or other duplication of audio or visual content</entry>
        <entry colname="permissionrequired">Requires permission of the speakers or copyright holders as no waivers or permission slips were obtained</entry>
        <entry colname="materialtype">Event recordings, 2009-</entry>
        <entry colname="usetype">File copying or other duplication of audio or visual content</entry>
        <entry colname="permissionrequired">Consult with the archivist for waivers which contain specific guidance by each speaker for the duplication and use of each recording. Speakers were given the following options: to restrict duplication entirely, to allow duplication for personal research use, to allow duplication for personal research use and teaching, or to freely allow duplication and use of the materials. These permissions were obtained separately from streaming permissions and copies of the video streaming in the university's YouTube channel should not be interpreted as license to duplicate.</entry>

Changes from EAD 2002

No changes from EAD 2002.

EAD3 Tag Library Entry

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