<descriptivenote> Descriptive Note

<descriptivenote> is a new element in EAD3. It is an optional child element used within <conventiondeclaration>, <dao>, <daoset>, <langmaterial>, <languagedeclaration>, <languageset>, <localtypedeclaration>, <maintenanceagency>, <physdescstructured>, <relation>, or <source> to provide general descriptive information. It should be used for note-type data which cannot be incorporated into the descriptive element. Undifferentiated <note> from EAD 2002 was deprecated. Do not confused with <odd>.


  • @altrender – not required. Use if the content of the element should be displayed or printed differently than the rendering established in a style sheet for other occurrences of the element.
  • @audience – not required. Use to set whether the element’s contents will be visible to external users or to internal ones. Possible values are: “internal” and “external.”
  • @encodinganalog – not required. May contain information to map this tag to a particular element in another schema.
  • @id – not required. Creates an ID for element. Can be used for linking.
  • @lang – not required. Three-letter code that indicates the language in which the element’s contents were written. It should come from ISO 639-2b.
  • @script – not required. Four-letter code that indicates the script in which the element’s contents were written. It should come from ISO 15924.

Child Elements

<descriptivenote> must contain one or more <p> elements to encode any or all content.

Adjacent Elements

No matter the parent element, <descriptivenote> is always used in a required sequence and is always the optional, final element in its parent element. It may only be used once within its parent element.


    <citation href="https://saa-ts-dacs.github.io/dacs/" lastdatetimeverified="2020-06-09T16:30:21Z" linktitle="DACS in HTML on GitHub" actuate="onload" show="new">Describing Archives: a Content Standard</citation>
      <p>This finding aid conforms to the University Archives' standards for DACS-compliant description, including all Required and Optimum fields.</p>
<relation relationtype="cpfrelation" actuate="onload" show="new" href="https://piecemaking.edu/ark:1313/gqt014">
  <relationentry>Graduate Society of Quilting Technologists</relationentry>
      <fromdate standarddate="1980">1980</fromdate>
      <p>Organized and run by graduate students within the department with a rotating faculty advisor, this society co-sponsors the "Threads and Voices" symposium series. Its students invite speakers, conduct event planning, and host the event, while the department provides financial support and guidance.</p>

EAD3 Tag Library Entry

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