Interpretation, Unraveling, and Examination of EAD3

The contents of this post relate to EAD 2002.

A few weeks ago, I finally downloaded the most recent releases of EAD3 from GitHub in preparation for designing the EAD3 version of EADiva (more coming on that, but not until the official one goes live). I finished going through it yesterday and made copious notes, essentially untangling things as I went.

I started farther down, in the attribute & model section and then did the rest. What I have isn’t perfect, but I was still so pleased with it as a work-in-progress that I decided to share in case it was helpful or interesting to others. You can view it here and leave comments if you see something you have a question about/think I got wrong.

This is the RNG file because it’s just so much easier to read RNG than XSD, at least in my opinion.

View my notes on the EAD3 RNG schema.

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