<maintenancestatus> Maintenance Status

<maintenancestatus> is a new element in EAD3 and a required child element of <control>. It records the current draft status of the EAD finding aid.


  • @altrender – not required. Use if the content of the element should be displayed or printed differently than the rendering established in a style sheet for other occurrences of the element.
  • @audience – not required. Use to set whether the element’s contents will be visible to external users or to internal ones. Possible values are: “internal” and “external.”
  • @encodinganalog – not required. May contain information to map this tag to a particular element in another schema.
  • @id – not required. Creates an ID for element. Can be used for linking.
  • @lang – not required. Three-letter code that indicates the language in which the element’s contents were written. It should come from ISO 639-2b.
  • @script – not required. Four-letter code that indicates the script in which the element’s contents were written. It should come from ISO 15924.
  • @valuerequired. This attributed defines the most important information in this element, namely the status of the finding aid. Possible values: revised, deleted, new, deletedsplit, deletedmerged, deletedreplaced, cancelled, or derived.

Child Elements

<maintenancestatus> may contain text or be an empty element. However, the most important information in this element is recorded in @value. Guidance from the official tag library on the use of possible values of @value:

Upon creation, record the status as “new.” On revision, change the status to “revised.” Because it is important to be clear about what has happened to instances particularly when sharing and making links between them, a number of status values are available for records that are no longer current. A record that is simply deleted from a system can be given the status “deleted”, but in cases where a record is marked as not current (obsolete or rejected) but kept for reference then it should be given the status “cancelled”. If an instance is deleted because it has become superseded by two or more instances then its status should be given as “deletedsplit”, while if it has simply been replaced by a new instance then “deletedreplaced” is the appropriate status value. A “derived” status value is available to indicate that the record was derived from another descriptive system.

Adjacent Elements

<maintenancestatus> is preceded by <filedesc> and may be followed by the optional <publicationstatus>, then the required <maintenanceagency>.


<maintenancestatus value="revised"/>

EAD3 Tag Library Entry

View the official tag library entry for <maintenancestatus>