<lb/> Line Break

<lb /> is an optional formatting element which may be used to force text to start on a new line. It operates in the same manner as <br /> does in HTML. It should only be used within elements. Breaks between elements should be styled using CSS, etc.

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<lb /> has no attributes.

Child Elements

<lb /> has no child elements.


The following are sample passages from Slytherin's journals:<lb/>
    <quote>Refining <foreign lang="spl" render="italic">Legilimency</foreign>. I believe I have discovered the secret of doing more than parsing thought. I may now twist memories to create visions.</quote>
    <quote>A quarrel today between my students and those mudbloods allowed in by Hufflepuff. It may become necessary to withhold the teaching of <foreign lang="spl" render="italic">Crucio</foreign> until the final year of studies. Hufflepuff has suggested that the matter should be brought before the Wizards' Council and wants to expel young Lucian.
    I will talk to Godric about instituting an internal court for trials concerning student matters. Expulsion should be a matter of last resort, for if we do not train these bright young talents, they may be vulnerable to Muggle courts and burning.</quote>

Changes from EAD 2002

<lb /> did not change substantially from EAD 2002. With the addition and deprecation of elements, its parents have changed slightly.

EAD3 Tag Library Entry

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